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Michelle Engelhart


Natural health practices have been a part of my life since the mid 80’s.  As an athlete I realized the benefits of good nutrition and exercise.

Celebrating 24 Years !

These inspirations stuck with me as I studied Sports Medicine and worked as a therapy aide in residential and outpatient he improvements I saw our patients achieving through massage and exercise, inspired me to formally study therapeutic massage.

Certified Massage Therapist:

In 1994 I graduated from Irene’s Myomassolgy Institute.  Our studies were beyond just therapeutic massage. Also included, were herbology, nutrition and aromatherapy, all of which are an integral part of my practice and my life.  I love to learn and update my training through continuing education courses regularly.  It is a joy for me to share what I learn with my clients in supporting their health needs and goals.  I incorporate a variety of techniques and modalities into my sessions. Every “body” is unique. Practicing in this way helps me to tailor the session to accommodate and facilitate my client’s individual healing process.

Michigan State Licensed…


Certified Laser Therapist:

Certified in 2015 for Medical Laser Safety, Scientific Basis and Therapy Principles.

  Laser Cert

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